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Social Policy

San Francisco needs to be safe for all people. We need to protect everyone, particularly elderly Chinese Americans. We need to stop Asian hate, crimes targeting the Asian community, and the ability for criminals to escape without consequences. In order for San Francisco to grow, our city needs to be safe and secure. We can achieve this by allowing police officers to enforce punishments on criminals, allocating more foot patrols in targeted areas, and providing self-defense training and tools in local communities.

We need to continue providing help for low-income and middle class Americans. This means keeping community colleges low cost and public schools affordable. We also need to adjust our welfare system where benefits, after an income threshold, have a scaling cutoff rather than an immediate cutoff. The current system disincentivizes working past a certain amount, because those that do will lose all their benefits, including access to healthcare. This punishes the middle class in particular. I do not believe in cash benefits, but the government has a duty to care for our citizens through direct non-cash programs; otherwise crime is the only option.

We only have one Earth and we need to protect our planet. This means we should promote outdoor recreations, cleanups, and recycling. The decision to protect nature is an individual choice. I believe all people have the freedom to make their own decisions as an adult, but we all must accept the ramifications of our actions. I believe in a state's right to determine the best course of action for their own people. I support life, liberty, and our freedom to pursue happiness to obtain a fair chance at a dignified life.

2022 City College Board Campaign Keep City College Free

Economic Policy

Everyone deserves a fair chance at a dignified life. And to do that, we need to have a strong economy, and a safe city for people to build that life. Instead of artificially pumping money into our economy, we need our country to produce more goods and services. That's the only way forward.

Inflation is caused by increasing dollars in circulation chasing the same amount of goods. It doesn't matter if you receive a gallon of milk a week for $3 or $5, you are still receiving a gallon of milk a week. Money is only a numerical representation of the distribution of goods. When we pump excess money into our economy without increasing production, we are directly causing inflation. It's just more dollars chasing the same amount of goods and services produced.

The only way to lift people out of poverty and move our economy forward is to produce more. That means we need to focus on education and increased leverage of technology. We don't need people to work harder or longer, we need them to work more effectively. Increasing production will drive down the prices of goods and services, and make life more affordable for all Americans. We need to cut taxes, so Americans have the freedom to produce more goods and services of their own choosing.

San Franciscans at Baker Beach

Foreign Policy

America is a nation built on an ideal, and not an ethnicity. Everyone can be an American. We must do everything in our power to make sure that everyone wants to be an American by being the most prosperous and safest country in the world.

China is our foremost competitor, but not our enemy. We must win by building a world where everyone wants to be an American, while protecting our own citizens. This includes protecting American businesses and our technological advantage from espionage and theft of our intellectual properties.

America still needs a global presence, but we need to ensure that our actions are keen to concrete objectives and discernably protect American interests first. We will unquestionably uphold our alliances and support our friendships.

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