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Hi, I'm Jason

Professionally, I'm a data engineer. I first ran for office in 2015 for the San Francisco Community College Board during the accreditation crisis. Since then, I've traveled the country, and returned home in 2020. Through strokes of fate, I’ve experienced severe poverty during the pandemic, including living half a year out of my car.

It’s difficult to comprehend that predicament, the tools just aren’t there for people to fight their way out of poverty; especially when they aren't given a fair chance to a dignified life. 


Equality Meets Opportunity

It is my honor to represent San Francisco.


I believe that dreams can be chased, fought for, and achieved. There is nothing that is impossible. It doesn't matter if you arrive in the city with a penny; you can earn the life you want. I believe in this pursuit of happiness, the goodness within all people, and my conviction of faith.


I first ran for office a decade ago, then left the city shortly afterwards. I began my career by founding a startup in local news, then led two others in agriculture analytics and commercial mining. When the pandemic struck, I was in Montana on an army grant. I dropped out of the election there and came home that summer, because I don’t represent the average Montanan. I represent the average San Franciscan.


As a pro-nature and conservative candidate, my first priority is to provide parents the autonomy to best educate their children by allowing vouchers at private schools. Second, police officers require more flexibility in apprehending drug suppliers which will reduce fentanyl accessibility. Third, accredited education can be substituted for certain work requirements. The purpose of benefits is to help people onto their feet so they won’t return to welfare.


Government should provide everyone with an equality of opportunities, but also the freedom of outcomes. Everyone should excel, if they are willing to earn it.


I humbly ask for your vote to represent San Francisco.


Thank you.

  • Education: I hold a Bachelor's in Economics from University of California, Berkeley and a Master's in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University. I earned full scores on the SAT and GRE math sections, and completed graduate school on a full research scholarship.

  • Public Service: I ran my first election in 2015, and have actively participated in our democratic process since, as both a candidate and an organizer. I served with the MT Department of Agriculture from 2017 to 2020, receiving the "Director's Award for Excellence" for service during the Covid-19 pandemic. I returned home and served with the San Francisco Department of Elections since 2020, first as a clerk, and then as an election inspector.

  • Career: Primarily a data engineer, I've had an eclectic career from technology reporter, to startup director, to energy analyst.

National Delegate of California

Selected Endorsements and Affiliations


San Francisco Young Republicans


California Rifle & Pistol Association


San Francisco Citizens' Climate Lobby

Star of the Sea Catholic Parish

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